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Log 3: Film

Every release of the shutter is a memory captured. Every wind of the lever puts into place another piece of film ready to capture how I truly see the world. Of course, capturing memories isn't unique to film, a digital camera does the same thing. Yet films slows everything surrounding the memory down as it's happening. You pause, wait for the right moment, and release the shutter just at the right time. Then the moment passes. But it's forever ingrained in that little piece of plastic sitting inside of your camera. The difference between that and digital photos is with digital cameras you have the ability to capture the entire moment rather than just the most important part. Not only that, but you can take an unlimited amount of photos that laziness begins to grow. At least for me. The scarcity of number of photos within a roll of film makes me think. And plan. And focus on the entire moment and watch it all until the proper photo appears, rather than just lazily holding down the button and firing away, just to search and find that "proper photo" in a crowd of lesser photographs. It makes it that much more special because out of all the photos I could have taken, I chose that specific part of the moment to capture. It might just be that I have a really hard time focusing with all that power in my hands, and I like to think that film fixes that by causing me to focus on processing whether or not it's worth taking the photo in that specific piece of time. Every photo taken on film goes through a whole process just to make it to the eyes of the audience. It experiences winding, exposing, developing, scanning, and sometimes printing or enlarging before it reaches anybody's eyes. With that process comes a lot of room for error, which gives film a unique imperfection. Light leaks, over and under exposure, and improper scanning all happen, but if looked at from the right perspective, makes the photo all the more meaningful. Almost every photo shot for mids has been on film. I feel that adds a depth to every photo that has been posted, uploaded, or used in any way to emphasize the brand. Every photo tells a story in its own way and has gone through a long process that makes it more of a piece of art than just an image on a screen. The more you look for that story, the more you start to see it. Overall, photography is art in many ways, so shoot away on any medium you prefer! And don't forget to look for that story that may be less hidden than you think in all the photos you see. Film truly isn't dead.


Many of my favorite moments

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