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Log 2: The Dawn Tee

The dawn tee signifies a new beginning for the product line of mids. It symbolizes the dawn of a new year and a fresh start for mids and even myself. The dawn tee is the first design upon my return from the break I took during my first semester, and it is the first shirt that doesn't sport the original mids logo. It has a more dedicated photo series behind it that had more of a theme than the first set of shirts.

The photos were taken with the thought that orange from the design would contrast well with a green background. Which lead me to take them in places where plants were prominent and would take up a lot of space in the photos. The photos of Reed were taken at a nearby park and a local nursery. The dark greens from the trees and bushes in the park and the more lively greens of the plants in the nursery contrast well with the faded orange of the design. The photos of Cece were taken on a recent camping trip up north to Big Sur where Redwoods and ferns are everywhere. We camped for a night in a campground near Moro Bay and celebrated New Years before venturing north to a campground just south of Big Sur State Park.

You can click here to buy the dawn tee, I hope you enjoy it




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